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Explore Vieques from your Private Villa

For those of you who aren't familiar with Vieques here is a useful tip. Having a house on the beach may be nice...but having a villa on the highest hill in Bravos lets you experience breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean, coastline, and Straits of Vieques from your private balcony. On clear nights you can see the twinkling lights of the mainland in the distance and St. Thomas. The roof top balcony is the perfect place to enjoy cocktails and the late tropical ocean breezes.


Villa Exterior​

The Pefect Homebase

From the moment we first came to Vieques we realized that the island was a special place...much like most of the other islands were decades ago (safe, unspoiled and with few tourists)--we knew that we wanted a home of our own here. Villa Altamira is the result of two years of planning and construction by Altamira's first owners. They invested a lot of energy, love and effort in order to create a home that is truly special. We are pleased to share it with you.  If you are looking at this website you probably already know how special this island is. Now it's time to choose the perfect villa for your vacation! Villa Altamira is your home base from which to explore the wonders of Vieques. 

     The best beaches in Vieques are the ones you explore and find on your own. There are so many pristine, secluded beaches it will be hard to decide which is your favorite. Renting a car or jeep is a wonderful way to do it.  So what are you waiting for? After a hard day at the beach come back to the villa and relax by your private pool with a cool drink.

​Gated Private Entrance

View to the North from the Villa

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